Sunday, August 3, 2008


Synopsis: A 70 year old janitor (MICHAEL CAINE) and a low-level executive (DEMI MOORE) at one of the worlds largest diamond companies feel underappreciated and decide to steal a thermosfull of diamonds. But he's not telling her the whole story.

Thoughts: Superb filming. Excellent acting, although the dialogue can be difficult to hear in places. This film is a great lesson on the subject of revenge, and how when you try to get revenge, you effect a great many people. This movie is worth seeing.

Stars: 4

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Saturday, August 2, 2008


I decided a few weeks ago to take the plunge and upgrade to HDTV. It was great for the stations that I already had a strong signal for, but those that had been fuzzy were now either unavailable or so choppy it wasn't worth watching.

I got fed up with it today and started looking around for a commercial antenna to purchase that was better than rabbit ears. I found out that not only would I have to order it, but it was going to be more than I wanted to spend (minimum $70, more by the time I bought cable and what not).

I then did a seach for building your own, and found the following video:

Believe it or not, it works great. It is directional, so in my case I have the boom facing north and I now get a beautiful signal on all the local stations. I did put it on my roof to get it up higher, and also it seems to need to be horizontal, not vertical. Project cost about $20 and took just over an hour.