Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Urgent Need For Some Friends of Ours

Dear Friends,

Rosetta and I have some friends by the name of Chad and Autumn Van Cleave. They have three small kids and live in Cameron, TX. Below I'll tell you whats going on with them, but their immediate need is someone who would be willing to trade about 4 hrs a day of work in return for room and board (they can't pay in money). My understanding is that it would involve basic things like dressing the kids, making lunch, and then getting the kids down for a nap.

Now for whats going on with them. Chad recently went to the hospital with what appeared to be a heart attack. After investigation it turned out to be a virus that damaged a significant amount of heart muscle. The doctor has told him he needs to be on complete rest for 6 months. This would be possible except for the fact that around the same time Autumn has been diagnosed with something similar to chronic fatigue, only it effects her body in other ways too. The result is that she can't really work around the house either. I don't pretend to know everything about their conditions, but they're pretty serious.

The result is that Chad is doing all the day to day work around the house. This is not allowing his heart to heal but right now they do not have an alternative. Fortunately, he is self employed so if he can get someone to help around the house, he can direct his energies to working again and get some money coming in for the family. The work he does is rather low energy and low stress so thats not a problem, but he has no time for it at present due to household duties.

First of all, please pray for them. Second of all, please distribute this email to your friends who are local to Central Texas. The sooner they can find someone to help around the house the sooner they can get back on track both health wise and financially.